Photo by Brittany Barb

Photo by Brittany Barb

Inspired by real stories of nonverbal teens, Sam’s Room tells the story of Sam, a nonverbal high school senior with special needs, who feels trapped in his own body without a way to communicate. During Sam’s senior year in 1998, he discovers friendship for the first time, learns the true meaning of family, and faces the angst of first loves and losses just like every teenager. But will anyone ever hear his point of view? Does Mom even know he understands? The audience meets Sam from inside the one place he can truly express himself - his room. In Sam’s Room, Sam is able to show his true self through vivid memories, unique and humorous storytelling, and most of all, through the dynamic, upbeat, smash hits of music icon Sammy Star, Sam’s uber cool alter ego. Featuring a hit album from globally recognized musicians, powerfully inventive storytelling, and a dynamic cast of three, Sam’s Room reminds us all the true power of the human voice.

Book by Dale Sampson with Trey Coates-Mitchell

Music by Caitlin Marie Bell and Marc Campbell

Lyrics by Caitlin Marie Bell, Marc Campbell and Dale Sampson